Yong Peng is a town in the northern part of the Johore state in Malaysia. Its town area is 1,911.6 hectares in size, with a total population of 29,046 in its vicinity. Most of the residents in this town are Chinese. During the Emergency period in Malaya in middle of 1950's decade, Yong Peng is one of the new Chinese villages that aimed to separate its population from providing help to the Communist. Yong Peng currently has a two-way roads heading out to the North-South Highway, with Kuala Lumpur to the north, and Johor Bahru to the south.
Yong Peng is administered by the Yong Peng District Council (MDYP), once known as 'Eastern Batu Pahat District Council'. Yong Peng District Council was founded in 1 September 1979. The Yong Peng District Council administration areas include Pekan Yong Peng, Ayer Hitam, Parit Sulong, Sri Medan, Kangkar Bahru, Parit Yaani, and Lam Lee. The size of the Yong Peng district is 12,680 hectares, and a total population of 61,014.
Yong Peng owns many restaurants that serves Fuzhou's cooking (Hock Chew). It is most famous for Fuzhou's fried mee, Ayam Wain Beras Merah, and also Kepala Ikan Belanga.