Establishment and reorganization

The reorganization of the Yong Peng District Council is carried out by integrating a few Local Authority areas according to the power given under Section 10 (1) Local Government Act 2976 to be administered by a Managerial Board.

The integrated Local Authorities are:-

  1. Yong Peng Local Council

  2. Ayer Hitam Local Council

  3. Parit Sulong Local Council

  4. Seri Medan Local Council

  5. Kangkar Bahru Local Council

  6. Parit Yaani Local Council

  7. Lam Lee Local Council

The decision to establish the Yong Peng District Council was made in R.M. 1048/76 dated 10.8.1976, whereby the State Government has launched a Re-organization of Yong Peng District Council on 1.11.1976.

The establishment of Yong Peng District Council has been entered in the Section 3 Act 171 Notification and has been gazetted in the Johor Government Gazette bil. JPU 6 & 7 dated 25.6.1981 as the Gazetted Plan 1269. The gazette effective date is on 1.9.1979 consisting an area of 12680 hectares.

The size of the Yong Peng District Council during its establishment was divided into two administration sections as follows:-

  1. Operation Area - 3410.5 hectares

  2. Control Area - 9269.1 hectares